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Corporate Logo:

The design indicates that the logo consists of three parts, in which the identity in Chinese “Dada stainless steel” is an abbreviation of the company name, which is concise, clear, and visual; the English identity “DDSS” is the acronym of the Chinese name, which both echoes the Chinese identity and functions to interpret and declare in the same way as the Chinese identity on the occasions of international communications;the image adopts the abstract combination of the English letters “D” and “S”, which not only shares the origin with the Chinese identity and especial with the English identity, but also presents the solidarity and cohesion of the company. Furthermore, the image also wittily and visually reflects the concept of “square and round”. As the saying goes, “as gentle and harmonious as the spring breeze, as chilly and harsh as the autumn frost, taking the image of ancient money, with the round outside and the square inside”. This is the contrast and perfect combination of toughness and gentleness, and of moderation and righteousness, which is exactly the way of establishing business and behaving that Dada Stainless Steel and her staff pursue: the round outside indicates that to be successful career in and to become a real man, one should be flexible and get along well with others; the square inside requires that employees should stick to the company’s and their personal principles without losing character and personality. In terms of color tones, the logo’s main color tone is dark blue, indicating the steadiness of the industry, while the golden color shows that the company is in a booming gold stage. At the same time, the logo completely conforms to the company’s trademark, so that they can mutually promote and strength the corporate image and product image, and enhance the effects.