Quality Assurance System

Quality is life!

In order to ensure that the quality of products remains at the domestic leading position and maintain our sustained competitiveness, the company carries out production in strictly accordance to the national standard GB, the American Standard ASTM/ASME, the Japanese standard JIS, the German standard DIN, and other domestic and foreign advanced standards. The company has created an Enterprise Technology Center, making use of infrared thermometry, eddy current testing, ultrasonic testing, ultrasonic thickness measurement, hydrostatic testing, mechanical testing, chemical composition direct reading spectrometers, hardness measurement, metallographic testing, X-ray testing and other modern testing means to ensure strict and effective control from raw material, to the production process and to finished product inspection.

In addition, through carrying out the latest production models and concepts in the international manufacturing industry, such as, lean production and overall quality management, the company has ensured zero defect and excellent quality of products.

Quality Objectives:

Continually improve the company's quality management in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9000 Quality Management System; carry out production in strict accordance with domestic and international standards of production, to provide satisfactory services for customers, with zero major quality accidents.

Quality Commitment

1. Carry out quality management of the production process in strict accordance with ISO9001-2008 according to customer requirements; combine self-test, tour inspection and final inspection to make sure to provide qualified products to customers.

2. Ensure that goods are delivered within the periods required by customers.

3. Ensure the timely delivery of all the information required by customers (invoice, qualification certificate, material list, product manuals, etc.) and be responsible for the authenticity.

4. Ready to accept the quality supervision and monitoring activities from the part of customers, and provide convenient conditions and related documents.

5. Save the complete recording system of the products supplied in accordance with customers’ requirement. You may access and copy these materials at any time.